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The Original Maroun's Garlic Spread DOES make everything better. Recipes, sauces, dips, sandwiches… Maroun’s elevates pretty much anything savory. But make no mistake; The Original Maroun’s Garlic Spread is bold. Or as bold as you want it to be. You can tame the taste, of course, by adding just a hint, but we think you’ll want to add more. And more. And more.

You can even substitute it for fresh garlic – no peeling, no chopping – in recipes
by using the 1 TBSP = 1 Clove formula.

Something this good has to have a history, and Maroun’s origins are found at Cedar’s Eatery in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Established in 1979, Cedar’s has become a culinary icon in the province, and home to some of the best Lebanese (and Canadian) food you’ll ever taste. Here, Maroun’s Garlic Spread is a mainstay with Lebanese classics like Shish Taouk and Kafta… but those in the know like to order a side dish for dipping their French fries. It’s just that versatile. 

Wow someone (and yourself) with The Original Maroun’s Garlic Spread today. Available right now at Cedar’s Eatery in a convenient take-home package. 
181 Great George St, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island






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